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My Story

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and was raised by my Dad, Mom, Grandpa and Grandma.  Ethics, truth, integrity and honesty were the values they instilled along with showing me that I could do anything.  After moving to Westerville, Ohio, graduating high school and a year at Ohio State University in 1960’s, I struggled to find what I wanted to study. 

That made it easy for me to say “yes” when asked to be a Franklin County Deputy Sheriff in 1965.  As a young woman I faced acceptance in a male only profession and managed a sexist environment while training new deputies in CPR, criminal justice and crowd control. 

After 7 years of being their only woman Deputy in a time of turmoil and after the passing of the Sheriff, I seized the opportunity to be a Westerville Police Officer.  I was hired as their first Policewoman and to implement a Federal Grant in Community Relations at a time when police officers desperately needed a positive image.  I also taught law enforcement classes to veteran officers and newly hired recruits at Columbus Technical Institute.  I wrote a column in a weekly suburban newspaper, taught safety to women, talked about drugs with students and helped businesses all while experiencing a difficult “me too” situation.

The beginning and ending of my 50+ years has led me back to serving and protecting.  In my “repurposing” I am hoping to share law enforcement experiences from the 1960’s, tell stories of working in male dominated professions and encourage women to reach their full potential. 

Writing a book called The Accidental Deputy during a pandemic, just seemed like a logical next step.

I have known and partnered with Nancy Gene Giles for many years. I'm encouraging you to read these timely books. The Accidental Deputy was her first book about becoming a woman deputy sheriff in 1965. You might want to also grab a copy of it. 

She has followed it with Police Love & Understanding which is a story of being a woman police officer in the 70's. Her second book is inspiring to those women who have experienced and are even now dealing with sexual harassment. It also helps men understand the #metoo movement. Coincidentally the book offers timely insight to the issues we are experiencing today with law enforcement, violence and racial challenges. It includes a very chaotic, turbulent and stressful accounting of her personal and professional life while working in law enforcement 50+ years ago.

Kevin Harrington

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